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Genetic Toxicology -- Molecular Toxicology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of products used in the Salmonella and E. coli WP2 mutagenicity tests. MOLTOX® minimal glucose agar plates, top agars, Salmonella and E. coli tester strains, frozen and lyophilized S9, MUTAZYME™, NADPH regenerating systems and positive control chemicals are distributed worldwide.



Industrial & Environmental -- MOLTOX® prepared bacteriological media includes nutrient, selective and enrichment media used in industrial, environmental and molecular biology.

Molecular Biology -- Bottled Media, Reagents/Buffers, Plates and Multi-Section Plates. All media are accompanied by GLP-compliant formulation and QC certificates.

Custom Manufacturing -- Since 1986, Moltox has provided its clients with a broad array of custom manufactured products to satisfy their unique needs.
These products have included a water testing kit specifically designed for use by NASA on the international space station, buffers and reagents intended for HIV vaccine development and media used in allergy medication research.

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